IPSA Regulated Searches


The IPSA Code of Practice 

The IPSA Code of Practice provides assurance that each of the parties involved in a UK property purchase can rely on the results of an IPSA Code Compliant Search; this includes the vendor, the purchaser, their mortgage lender and conveyancers, as well as the Estate Agent.


The Code has been specifically designed to ensure that only those individuals and organisations with the necessary skill and knowledge to carry out competent searches and compile compliant, accurate and reliable search reports may display the ‘Code Compliant’ logo


The Code’s Key Commitments

·  Act at all times in the best interests of the Consumer

·  Provide a good standard of service to their Clients

·  Behave in a manner, which gives confidence to Sellers, Buyers, Conveyancers and Mortgage Lenders using or relying on their products.

·  Act with integrity

·  Comply with the Law


Members will

·  implement procedures to protect the rights of those individuals and organisations who use their services

·  provide legally compliant search reports that include the most up-to-date information available at the time of inspection

·  satisfy any queries regarding the results of a search as quickly as is practical

·  deal with complaints in a timely and professional manner as set out in the Code’s Complaints Procedure

·  maintain Insurance cover sufficient to protect the client and which complies with any Code or legislatory guidelines

·  continually strive to improve skill levels and procedures in order to maintain the highest standards

·  apply the Code in respect of all searches carried out including re-seller arrangements

·  act with integrity at all times


How do we ensure compliance with the Code?

New members are required to pass a competency exam and submit reports and other documentation for assessment. Only those individuals and organisations achieving the required standard are allowed to display the Code Compliant logo.


All Members are required to take part in the Continuing Professional Development Scheme and to submit to regular checks designed to ensure continued compliance with the Code


What happens if you have a complaint?

If you have a query or complaint about your search, you should first raise it with your search provider as it may be something that is easily rectified. In the event of a serious complaint rather than a simple query you should ask that it be considered under their formal internal complaints procedure. A copy of your search provider’s complaints procedure should be attached to the search report


The way in which complaints are dealt with, as well as other non-compliance issues, is monitored by the Compliance and Disciplinary Council (CDC). Established in 2006 the CDC is an independent body set up to oversee the investigation of any such issues and ensure a fair and proper outcome


If you are still dissatisfied you can refer your complaint to The Independent Professional Search Adjudication Scheme


The IPSAS adjudication scheme operated by IDRS Ltd, part of the CEDR Disputes Group, is one of Europe's most prominent dispute resolution service providers and offers a further independent and cost effective arbitration solution


We will co-operate fully with the Arbitrator during any investigation and comply with his decision.


For full details please refer to your search providers complaints procedure


The Association of Independent Personal Search Agents:

78 Chorley New Road, Bolton, England, BL1 4BY

Telephone: 01746 762242 - Email: Heather Poole-Gleed info@psn-shropshire.co.uk - Web: www.search-code.co.uk


You can also get more information about the IPSA Code from our website at: www.search-code.co.uk

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